Mr. and Mrs. Rebelle

Mr. and Mrs. Rebelle are the owners, managers and founders of Burlesque Noir.  The company was created in 2004 – conceived as a burlesque dance company with a focus on group performance.

Holly Rebelle is the head choreographer and creative engine of Burlesque Noir.  She began dancing ballet at age four and continued taking dance lessons and performing in recitals through adulthood.  Mr. Rebelle began working in local theater in his youth through college, both acting on stage as well as working behind the scenes as lighting, sound technician and sometimes of stage hand or manager.

Holly’s balloon dress act, Little April Shower, was featured in the Los Angeles show BurlesqueLand and also awarded Best Solo at the Texas Burlesque Festival in 2012.




Burlesque Tribute to Jacqueline Kennedy

Holly Rebelle and her husband created and perform the Jacqueline Kennedy burlesque tribute piece as a duo.  This signature act headlined the Great Burlesque Exposition in 2011 and was selected for performance at the exclusive VIP show during the 2nd Annual Colorado Burlesque Festival.

“A stunning example of emotional possibilities of a burlesque number.” — Lucky DeLuxe

“A nice departure from what I typically consider burlesque. I like this act a lot.” — Red Hot Annie