History of BN

Burlesque Noir started with Crushed Velvet Rope — a dark performance art company working fetish and goth events around the Southwest during the early 2000s.  Before Holly Rebelle took her stage name, she was a member of CVR.  At a show in 2003, the producer of CVR had booked a few local burlesque performers from the newly emergent neo-burlesque scene in New Mexico.

Holly had spent her childhood and teenage years developing as a dancer specializing in ballet, jazz, and tap and her high school years in theater and marching band.  Inspired by the burlesque acts she’d seen in CVR, she knew that a choreographed, dance-oriented burlesque troupe would bring a new perspective to dance and performance art in Albuquerque.

A bottle of Pinot Noir and a shout out in a local Yahoo! Group yielded six performers (and one seamstress) eager to turn Albuquerque’s emerging striptease scene on its head.  A few months of rehearsal later, Burlesque Noir debuted alongside Crushed Velvet Rope with a pair of group acts to Rob Zombie’s Dragula and David Bowie’s China Girl.  Within a year, Burlesque Noir had recruited choreographer Tony Travis and grown to 11 performers.  Their first full production, Winter Wonderlust, sold out the Launchpad bar while a line wrapped around the block.

Holly wanted to bring her vision to bigger audiences and Burlesque Noir got their chance when, in 2009, they their first out of town gig, 3000 miles from home at the Great Boston Burlesque Exposition.  Their Terminator inspired act, T-36 DD took the Howard Award for Best Troupe or Duo.

The following years brought excursions to the growing Burlesque Festival Circuit including another win at another festival, in 2012, BN took Best Ensemble at the Texas Burlesque Fest.  Simultaneously, Holly won the title of Best Solo.

In 2014, Burlesque Noir was selected to compete at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend in Las Vegas, NV — fulfilling a goal Holly had set for her troupe early in it’s existence.

Burlesque Noir continues to perform locally in Albuquerque but also travels to as many national burlesque showcases as we can afford in order to expand our audience. We feel it is important that Albuquerque keep the art of burlesque alive by creating fresh ideas, networking with national performers and stripteasing for new audiences. We’ve helped put our hometown on the burlesque map and we’re committed to keeping it there.