21st Century Burlesque – Tournament of Tease: Groups (BHoF 2014)



Burlesque Noir at the Burlesque Hall of Fame – Photo by Don Spiro

Oh hey there, darlings! It’s moi, Frenchie Kiss, and I’m just back from the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend 2014. My mind is positively racing with all the beautiful and dirty things I saw. I could go on about my many rhinestoned thoughts, but Holli-Mae Johnson, in all her expert glory, has asked me to focus. Specifically, to focus on two things I know best: Groups and Troupes. I have the unique advantage of straddling both (ha!) and winning titles as a Chicago Starlet and as Jett Adore’s duet partner, so on Saturday night, during the main pageant, I focused my attention on the Groups and Troupes categories to report back on how they did. Since we’re going both ways, let’s get started.

This year, groups were organised differently. In the past, we’ve had Duos and Groups categories, so duets performed together, and groups of three or more performed together. I’m not sure why the numbers changed this year, but as someone who’s competed in a duet and in a large group, I can say they are just not the same. This change was odd to me. And the oddity was highlighted by a big follow spotlight with a category filled primarily with duets and only one trio.

All the ‘groups’ left their hearts on the stage, but it was the duets that truly spoke to me because of the chemistry and connection that occurs between two people.

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