Breasts of Both Worlds (Weekly Alibi)

April 26, 2012

Duke City and Big Apple tag-team for scintillating show

By Blake Driver
Photo by M. West Photography
Holly Rebelle, center, and Burlesque Noir
When Albuquerque-based stripteaser Holly Rebelle was thinking about performing in this year’s Texas Burlesque Festival in Austin, one of the show’s producers dissuaded her from bringing her Jackie O. tribute act. 

“The Jacqueline Kennedy act has gotten me some interesting attention in the burlesque scene,” says Rebelle, who recently took home the trophy for Best Soloist at the Austin competition for her new balloon dance, “Rain Cloud,” set to music from the Disney cartoon film Bambi.

But it’s the grieving first widow act, in which Rebelle starts out in a pink suit covered in blood, that she says has become her signature number. “It’s Jacqueline Kennedy after JFK was shot,” she explains. “But it’s tasteful.”

The eight-minute routine capitalizes on the classic burlesque convention of storytelling through movement, costuming and music while reaching for the neo-burlesque heights of profound thought and emotional impact. It’s the performance-art nature of the piece that has made it so popular, says Rebelle, who admits she might be retiring it soon in order to avoid becoming a one-trick pony. But Albuquerque audiences have at least one last chance to catch that risqué display Thursday at Aux Dog Theatre.

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