Pasties, Panties and Tassels, Oh My! (CNM Chronicle)


Pasties, panties, and tassels OH MY!

 Published March 27, 2012

By: Stefany Olivas, Staff Reporter

Burlesque Noir hosts funderaiser to compete in national event

 L ocal neo-burlesque performance troupe, Burlesque Noir, is co-hosting a fundraiser and raffle to raise money in order to attend a competition in Texas next month, said vet­erinary technician graduate and troupe founder “Holly Rebelle.” The group hopes the Bikini Bash Bonanza fundraiser will help with travel costs to attend the Texas Burlesque Festival on April 12 – 14 in Austin, said Rebelle.

Rebelle said that the troupe is honored to have another oppor­tunity to represent Albuquerque in a competition. The group won the award for best troupe at the “Great Boston Burlesque Exposition” in 2009, said Rebelle.

While all the girls are pas­sionate and talented, any form of dance as a hobby is very expensive — especially when group travel is involved, said Rebelle.

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  1. Sasha

    What do I have to do and who do I have to talk to to be a part of Burlesque Noir?