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Epic Costume Malfunction

This Saturday we ran Burlesque Noir presents Martini Time.  Holly was performing her new solo, Little April Showers, a balloon dress number.  As she approached the balloon popping portion of the act, something incredible happened.  Holly poked a single balloon, which upon exploding, caused most of the rest of the balloons to go off with it. What you see here is nearly 20 glitter filled balloons exploding in one instant.  Truly epic.  Holly went along with it and finished the act, improvising as necessary.  We’re just so glad Dark Flash Photography got a shot right at the moment of explosion.


Thank you so much to everybody who came out, our favorite band, Vertigo Venus, the performers, stage manager/choreographer Tony Travis, Stevie, our Kittens, DJ Brian Botkiller and the rest of the crew of Burlesque Noir.  Finally, our biggest thanks to our guest stars Honey Touche‘, Peggy Tulane and Midnite Martini for driving down to perform with us.



CBF 2011 – Dragula