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Happy New Year from Burlesque Noir

Marina Bay New Year's Eve Countdown.
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Burlesque Noir would like to wish all of our fans, supporters, haters, dancers, burlesque groupies, burlesque husbands and just about damn near EVERYONE for making 2010 a fantastic year for us!  Without you, we’d just be a group of girls dancing in our underwear  with out all of the screams and applause. Stay tuned for a Burlesque Noir 2010 year in review detailing all the glitter covered boob action and find out our 2011 plans that will fucking rock your socks off.  Have lots of fun tonight, be safe and PARTY ON!

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Just Kidding

Hey remember when I made this post about pasties being illegal in Albuquerque? Just kidding. Holly Rebelle tweeted this wonderful news today:

HollyRebelle Dec 01, 8:04pm via HootSuite The mayor, the city attorney, and zoning met today regarding burlesque. Burlesque will continue in the Q as it was!

Holy crap! Mine and about 10 other pairs of   underboobs are jiggling for joy.

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